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Technology Management for Sustainable Growth

Analysis of new technology demand forecasting, optimal product design,
and R&D roadmap for companies’ sustainable growth

Technology Forecasting

Forecasting new technology demand based on a diffusion model or conjoint analysis to provide insight for product design, pricing, and inventory management

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Lowering customers’ switching cost using B2B services for telecommunication companies

An empirical analysis of switching cost in the smartphone market

Demand forecasting of mobile UHD broadcasting service

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Marketing Strategy for Profit Maximization

A pricing and product strategy for profit maximization based on consumer preference analysis 

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A video recommendation system for profit maximization 

An optimal marketing strategy maximizing customer retention rate in the telecommunication market


Technology Trend and R&D Roadmap Analysis

Analyzing new technology trends and building an R&D technology roadmap

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Biotechnology trend analysis with the LDA topic model 

A technology roadmap for the CMOS image sensor by using text analysis and QFD

A technology roadmap for a car infotainment system by using text analysis and QFD

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